[geo_id] => 797
    [name] => Prince Edward Island
    [type] => state
    [region] => Prince Edward Island
    [country] => Canada
    [continent] => North America
    [filename] => pei-can.geojson
    [vector_type] => geo
    [source] => 
    [disabled] => 0
    [updated] => 2023-05-31 09:56:51
    [views] => 782
    [downloads] => 30
    [last] => 2024-06-17 09:22:41
    [bbox] => Array
            [maxy] => 47.061026547479
            [miny] => 45.959051642685
            [maxx] => -61.983007213454
            [minx] => -64.411431569071
            [ne] => Array
                    [dms] => 47°3′40″N, 61°58′59″W
                    [geohash] => f87gtx1q75py

            [sw] => Array
                    [dms] => 45°57′33″N, 64°24′41″W
                    [geohash] => f84jqq94bu5t


    [points] => 145
    [polygons] => 1
    [filesize] => 6
    [features] => FeatureCollection, Feature & Polygon
    [precisionlevel] => low
    [centroid] => Array
            [lat] => 46.389106357191
            [lon] => -63.241586152913
            [dms] => 46°23′21″N, 63°14′30″W
            [geohash] => f85pbuuuhhpw

    [iso_2] => CA
    [iso_3] => CAN
    [numericid] => 124
    [adjective] => Canadian
    [region_code] => NA
    [subcontinent] => North North America
    [bordering] => United States
    [preview] => 877
    [collection] => States & Provinces
    [orig_countries] => CAN
    [orig_continent] => North America

Prince Edward Island

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Map Details

Here are the details on the Prince Edward Island geospatial mapping file we used to create this vector.

File Details:
Filesize:6 KB
Updated:May 31st, 2023
Activity:782 views
Boundary Type:States & Provinces
Region(s):Prince Edward Island
Subcontinent:North North America (NA)
Continent: North America
Polygon Metrics:
Total Points:145 (1 polygons)
Precision Level: low medium high
Elements:FeatureCollection, Feature & Polygon
Geospatial Coordinates:
Centroid: 46.38911, -63.24159   Google Maps
Bounding Box:

Notes: All points are listed in the order of latitude, longitude. File size is estimated and can vary slightly based on format of the file.

Map Vector Description

This map vector is of the state Prince Edward Island. Prince Edward Island can be generated in any of the following formats: PNG, EPS, SVG, GeoJSON, TopoJSON, SHP, KML and WKT. This data is available in the public domain.

Image Formats Available:

  • EPS files are true vector images that are to be used with Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator software.
  • PNG files are used on the web and are not vectors, which means they will get fuzzy as you try to scale them larger.
  • SVG files can be used with Cricut printers, as well as loaded into software like Photoshop or AffinityDesigner.

Mapping Formats Available:

  • GeoJSON Format files are used with web-based JavaScript mapping software like Leaflet, Mapbox and D3.
  • KML files, or Keyhole Markup Language, are usually used with Google Maps.
  • SHP files (Shapefiles) are used with the ESRI web GIS and similar geodatabase management applications.
  • TopoJSON files encode topographic information in the JSON formatted files.
  • WKT files are a less common way to load geometric coordinates into online mapping programs.

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Filename: pei-can.geojson